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What We Can Do

1. Send encouragement cards to those who are working hard to keep us safe - e.g. police, public health, firemen, nurses and doctors at local hospitals. If you can't send them physically, send them via email. 

2. Find someone who is living alone and call them once a day to encourage them and pray for those who want prayer. 

3. Buy a gift card at a local business(e.g. local restaurant, small business), once this crisis is over, go for a nice dinner and help stimulate the local economy.

4. Order a meal or dessert for someone you think could use it, and have it delivered, or deliver it yourself. If you choose to deliver it yourself, please follow the guidelines set out by Health Canada.

5. Write a hand written letter to someone you think would appreciate it or who needs some encouragement. 

6. Order some food from a store that delivers(Costco, Dewe's Independent Grocers), and send it to someone who needs food or send it to the Food Bank.

7. If you see a truck driver try to get food at a restaurant drive-through, ask if you can get it for them because walk ups may not be allowed and their trucks can't go through the drive-through. 

8. Send or drop off cookies or snacks to the police station.

9. Send a blessing email or message to our mayor, premier and prime minister. They are exhausted and are doing their best. 

10. Help out the local restaurants, by ordering take-out food for your family as dine-in options are not available.